ModMesh: A Character Creation Breakthrough

Streamline your character design process with ModMesh.

Limitless Creativity with Effortless Modularity

Choose from our meticulously crafted base meshes or create your own masterpiece from endless possible combinations. ModMesh's modular, beginner-friendly design ensures that you can seamlessly blend parts, achieve flawless results, and produce captivating characters—all while enjoying compatibility with nearly every 3D software. Start bringing your characters to life like never before with ModMesh!

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Take Your Base Meshes to the Next Level

Unlock the power of ModMesh and elevate your 3D character sculpting skills with the ModMesh Mastery Course. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, this comprehensive 12-chapter course provides clear, step-by-step guidance for transforming your custom ModMesh creations into lifelike characters.

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Master the Art of Professional 3D rendering

Illuminate your 3D creations like never before with our Lighting and Rendering Course. Step into the world of visual mastery as you learn the secrets to breathtaking lighting and rendering techniques. Each lesson is carefully crafted to shed light on the path to stunning visuals. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, this course empowers you to create stunning renders, ideal for 3D enthusiasts, lighting enthusiasts, or anyone captivated by Follygon's signature rendering style.

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What Makes ModMesh Everyone’s Favorite 3D Tool

Hear from verified customers who are loving ModMesh's limitless creativity.

  • Nathan S. - Verified Buyer


    I can't believe something like ModMesh exists. It's a treasure trove for character design. It helps me quickly create characters for my animation projects, and I couldn't imagine not having it now.

  • Sophie W. - Verified Buyer


    ModMesh has been a game-changer for me. As a 3D artist, it has saved me so much time. It's like a creative genie that grants my art wishes!

  • Henry L. - Verified Buyer


    This thing is just insanely good. I used to struggle with always adjusting my base meshes for hours and hours, but ModMesh makes it a breeze. It's an essential tool for any 3D artist.

  • Olivia M. - Verified Buyer


    ModMesh was my entry point into the world of 3D. Starting out, I was uncertain about where to begin, but ModMesh made the journey incredibly accessible. I'm deeply grateful for this outstanding tool.