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Lighting and Rendering Course

Lighting and Rendering Course

Illuminate your 3D creations like never before with our Lighting and Rendering Course. Step into the world of visual mastery as you learn the secrets to breathtaking lighting and rendering techniques. Each lesson is carefully crafted to shed light on the path to stunning visuals. In just 1 hour and 20 minutes, you'll explore 7 chapters covering the art of lighting and rendering. Enhance your 3D models with texture maps and polypaint, and breathe life into your creations. Gain access to our exclusive Render scene, studio lighting setup, infinite ground plane, and a high-resolution 3D Genie model. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, this course empowers you to create stunning renders, ideal for 3D enthusiasts, lighting enthusiasts, or anyone captivated by Follygon's signature rendering style.

✔️ Master the art of professional 3D rendering
✔️ Perfect your lighting techniques for captivating results
✔️ Access valuable workflows and high-quality assets to elevate your projects
✔️ Ideal for both newcomers and seasoned artists
✔️ Learn from a renowned expert in the field, Follygon


7 Chapters (1 Hour and 20 Minutes)
Professional Render Scene (Blender)
High-Resolution Genie 3D Model
Infinite Ground Plane
Compositing File for Photoshop
ZBrush Polypaint DLL Fix


1: Course Overview
2: ZBrush to Blender with Texture Maps
3: ZBrush to Blender with Polypaint
4: Three-Point Lighting
5: Lighting in Blender
6: Rendering in Blender
7: Compositing in Photoshop

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