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ModMesh Mastery Course

ModMesh Mastery Course

Unlock the power of ModMesh and elevate your 3D character sculpting skills with the ModMesh Mastery Course, expertly led by Follygon. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, this comprehensive 12-chapter course provides clear, step-by-step guidance for transforming your custom ModMesh creations into lifelike characters. Dive into the world of mastering 3D character sculpting with this 5-hour, real-time narrated course, where you'll learn to create clean primary forms, sculpt intricate facial features, master painting, and more. Gain exclusive ZBrush rendering techniques, access a custom ModMesh base, and acquire versatile skills applicable to various character styles. Breathe life into your 3D characters and unlock the mastery of 3D character sculpting.

✔️ Master ModMesh and Take Your Base Meshes to the Next Level
✔️ Sculpt Captivating Facial Features
✔️ Hone Your Painting and Color Control
✔️ Breathe Life into your Creation with Expression
✔️ Expertly Sculpt and Render Characters in ZBrush


Twelve In-Depth Chapters (5 Hours)
Custom ModMesh Base Mesh
Final Character


1. Welcome
2. Merging and Blending
3. Facial Features
4. Brows/ Lashes
5. Hair (Dreadlocks)
6. Paint
7. Clothing
8. Refinement
9. Asymmetry & Expression
10. Polish
11. Rendering
12. Closing


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